M3u Player Online is a tool for watching live IPTV M3u online for free. You can paste your M3U URL or upload your M3U playlist file to load streams direct into our free IPTV player. Great for testing M3U files and also viewing live HLS TV streams on any browser based device. You can use our IPTV player to test trial lines or as your main default stream player. You no longer need to download IPTV apps, VLC or any other software, our system works direct in any browser.

The M3U URL or playlist file must be correctly formatted, ending with the file extension .m3u otherwise it will not be compatible with our player. If you have difficulty getting streams to play, please contact your IPTV provider and ask them for an M3U playlist file.

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How to use iptv player online ?

We have made things as simple as possible so you can enjoy your IPTV streams online. Our player consists of two options, ‘IPTV Playlist URL’ or ‘IPTV File’. Your IPTV provider should send you either a URL or a playlist file that ends with the file extension .m3u. If the extension is .m3u8 or .ts, you will need to contact your IPTV provider and ask them for the .m3u version of your playlist. You can also try changing the file extension to .m3u, however, in most cases this will not work, so it is always best to contact your IPTV provider for the correct m3u playlist file.

Just like any other IPTV app or player, all the main functions are available to watch live streams online using only your browser. The difference with our free IPTV player is you don’t need to download an app, software or browser extensions. Fully compatible with any browser with an easy to use interface.